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Codex of Spam
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in The Proceedings of the Church of Spam's LiveJournal:

Monday, January 26th, 2004
9:34 pm
"Stay away from sales people.  They just want to eat your liver."

I saddens me that the above phrase is not googlable.  Maybe it will be now.
Friday, January 9th, 2004
2:54 am
Notes from the Spread
The Aura was working in a dark basement within the confines of the Dominion that existed for all those technical, the one true Network existed within the confines of the stone and bedrock, walls and pillers molded for the one true Purpose, holding everything in place with due diligance.

The Aura was using the Network, harnessing the ability to harvest information, practically able to foresee that which was going on, all at the slightest touch and manipuations of the PowerPalantir, surfing effortlessly into that which was, which is, and what was meant to be. A gasp as a bit of data not expected crossed through the threshold of the datamembrane, filtering through with little effort as the Aura realized what story might be told again, a story thought long gone, a story that would never pass the lips of mortals again.

"You ... wouldn't?"

Current Mood: silly
Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
9:45 pm
Mad Max Type of SOS?
From a IM with some people:

kyroraz: The intrepid group in the unimog were tired, sleepy, and risking yet another run as they slinked around the corners of Stillwater Avenue and soon saw the forboding lights of Orono as they cleared the last hill and approached. Already, they could see one of the typical biker groups outside in a large field, repairing their vehicles and bikes, taking apart the MBNA TQM slogans from the long abandoned callcenter. Already, they could see that one bike, badly damaged, had some weld work done to it, "zero defects" very visible.

poetgeek: I want the last 30 second BACK

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, August 21st, 2003
11:50 pm
The Story of Spam Volume 5
One day, in the current past, William Shakesphere was sitting down at his desk dribbling out his latest play. He laughed as he wrote, laughing and laughing. "If anyone tkaes this shit seriously, I pity the fools!"

Anyway, that was then-- this is now, or so we hope.
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11:21 pm
The Story of Spam Volume 4
[Never finished, was posted early by an overzelus follower]

The following text is the work of very insane people that
decided to be very annoying to some people in a nice and
large computer cluster. Please ignore all attempts by the
people in the cluster who wish to beat the authors of this
here text and all bloodstains that may be spotted on any
printed documents of this text --that is if you can find it
after the people who are not amused about the authors writing
this do.
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10:25 pm
The Story of Spam Volume 3½½

Compliments Of =Purgatory BBS


This story has been known to confuse people quite easily so it is recommended that you return yourself to a uncomfortable position so that you will be ready for any shocks that you might receive reading this story. This story also insults Twinkies.
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10:02 pm
The Story of Spam - Volume 3½


Compliments Of


SysOps: Thanatos and Raphael Dareau

The Story Of Spam - Volume 3 1/2
Much Ado About Nothing In Orono!


The last "Story Of Spam" was the longest that ever existed and many people complained about its 9 page length, commenting that the text seemed to be constant blabber ... as if it was a term paper that needed to be an EXACT length and a person wanted to find a way to extend some words. That is why this text is coming into existence -- to keep things concise, clear, and less wordy. Plus, there was some inconsistencies that were noticed in the story, which will be corrected in the following text.
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9:01 pm
The Trials of Spam I
The agent pulled the sunglasses from his face with a audible velcro type sound and gave a glance around the near-empty room, only containing himself, a table, two chairs -- of which he was sitting in one -- and one other person, a odd individual who was fairly indefinable, features which would change almost minute by minute.

The low baritone voice of the agent finally broke the stiff silence of the room, "Mr. Dareau. We have been looking for you. We've known you for quite some time, and how you've been progressing in your operations. This strange sudden move to Arizona, working in Scottsdale near one of our more sensitive facilities. I must admit that you had us worried for a bit, but now that you're here you might as well provide us with some information."

He leaned forward and whispered softly towards the strange individual, "Tell us, Mr. Dareau, how you've been working undercover for the Spam."

Current Mood: bouncy
8:59 pm
The Story of Spam - Volume III

| The Story Of Spam - Volume III |


This is The Story Of Spam as recalled from a time not so long ago, even though some people wish it was. The contents of the following text can confuse and mangle the fabric of peoples minds, so be warned. Most of the following is sadly true, but it did mark a permanent mark in a few peoples lives. This is the tale on how it all began.

Enjoy this text!
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8:38 pm
The Story of Spam - Volume Two
|The Story Of Spam - Volume Two|

This is the story of Spam as remembered from a time not so long ago...And this is how it all began...
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6:55 pm
The Story of Spam
Exported from SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System on 09-07-91 at 13:12:15!
DATE..... : 09-07-91 13:07:12
TO....... : All Users
FROM..... : Raphael Dareau

The Story Of Spam

The story of Spam as remembered from a time not so long ago....
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